Cincinnati Media, LLC Acquires Indianapolis Monthly Magazine


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Contact: Cathleen Francois
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Detroit, MI (December 1, 2022) – Cincinnati Media, LLC a wholly owned subsidiary of Hour Media, LLC today announced their acquisition of Indianapolis Monthly magazine from Emmis Corporation.

Founded in 1977 as Indianapolis Home and Garden, the magazine became Indianapolis Monthly in 1981 and was sold to Emmis in 1988.

“Hour Media has had a long-standing respect for Emmis since its procurement of Emmis’ Los Angeles, Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Orange Coast magazines in February of 2017.,”

Stefan Wanczyk, CEO of Hour Media said, “We are honored to be the new owner of Indianapolis Monthly Magazine. We will continue to strive to be a market leader and recognized as one of the country’s premier city magazines.”

“This acquisition is highly synergistic given our already strong presence in the Midwest and in the city and regional magazine business nationally.   We look forward to continuing the great legacy of this time-honored brand that has serviced the greater Indianapolis region.”  said President, John Balardo.

“We’re incredibly proud of the award-winning product our people created every month. We have had a truly remarkable run as owners of Indianapolis Monthly, and we look forward to its continued success under Hour,” said Jeff Smulyan, founder and chairman of Emmis.

About Hour Media LLC

Hour Media and its related entities are multi-media companies that publish and produce more than 150 magazines and custom titles, 40 consumer websites, and 70 shows and events throughout the United States. Hour Media Group is the largest publisher of city and regional magazines in the country. The company has offices in Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio, with more than 300 employees across the country.

About Emmis Corporation

Emmis Corporation (formerly Emmis Communications) owns Lencore, the world leader in high-quality sound masking solutions for offices and other commercial applications, a controlling interest in Digonex, which provides dynamic pricing solutions for attractions, performing arts organizations, and other industries, and Sound That Brands, a Los Angeles-based podcasting studio specializing in branded audio content for national advertisers, as well as one AM and one FM radio station in New York City.


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