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The History of Our Company

  • 1980: Emmis incorporated in Indiana
  • July 4th 1981: The first of many radio stations WENS (Formerly WSVL, Currently WLHK) goes on air with an adult contemporary format.
  • 1988: Emmis purchases Indianapolis Monthly, which it still owns today
  • 1994: Emmis becomes a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ (EMMS)
  • 1995: Emmis becomes the first company to own top rated radio stations in NY and LA simultaneously
  • 1998: Emmis moves into worldwide headquarters on Monument Circle in Indianapolis
  • 1998: Emmis Broadcasting changes name to Emmis Communications
  • 1998-2008: Emmis enters, and exits, television ownership with 16 television stations across the US.
  • 2014: Emmis purchases controlling interest in dynamic pricing company Digonex
Emmis Timeline. See Wikipedia for more info

11 Commandments of Emmis

Quite simply, the Eleven Commandments of Emmis are the guiding principles of our company: it is how we operate daily, how we treat each other and our customers, and what we expect of employees and potential employees. The Eleven Commandments of Emmis, created by our Founder and Chairman Jeff Smulyan in the early years of the company, provide the guideposts of company philosophy, and are still as relevant today as when they were written.

  1. Admit your mistakes
  2. Be flexible – Keep an open mind
  3. Be rational – Look at all options
  4. Have fun – Don’t take this too seriously
  5. Never get smug
  6. Be creative and innovative – make our products better everyday
  7. Believe in Yourself – If you think you can make it happen, you will
  8. Never jeopardize your integrity – We win the right way or we don’t win at all
  9. Be good to your people – Get them into the game and give them a piece of the pie
  10. Be passionate about what you do and compassionate about how you do it
  11. Take care of your customers – Think of them and you’ll win

Our Brands

Our Philosophy

Emmis was founded on the underlying beliefs of diversity, inclusion, and opportunity for all. Emmis acknowledges that systematic racism exists and supports the fight for justice and equality. As an active partner in this cause, Emmis pledges to take swift action against any act of racism, whether it occurs in our hallways, over the airwaves, or in print. People of color—including our employees, customers, and clients—must feel safe, valued, and supported.

Emmis will build on these goals by:

  • Recruiting and promoting a diverse workforce by training managers to source, develop, and mentor individuals of all colors.
  • Creating a safe work environment that values both dialogue and dissent.
  • Diversifying Emmis’ vendors and community partners.
  • Continuing to collaborate with minority-serving institutions.
  • Empowering internal diversity champions who can facilitate open discussions and lead suggestions for improvement. 

Together, through both our words and deeds, we will stand as a civic leader that helps show the way forward on one of the most important issues of our time. Our founding principles demand no less.



Patrick Walsh

Patrick Walsh

President and Chief Operating Officer

With Emmis Since 2006

Rayn Hornaday

Ryan Hornaday

Executive Vice President, CFO and Treasurer

With Emmis Since 1999

Scott Enrigh

Scott Enright

Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

With Emmis Since 1998

Rick Cummings Photo

Rick Cummings


With Emmis Since 1981

Greg Loewen

Greg Loewen

Chief Executive Officer, Digonex

With Emmis Since 2007


Chase Rupe

Chief Executive Officer, Lencore

With Emmis Since 2006

Traci Thomson Photo

Traci Thomson

Senior Vice President of Human Resources

With Emmis Since 2004

Elizabeth Ellis

Elizabeth Ellis

Vice President and Associate General Counsel

With Emmis Since 2015

Chris Rickenbach

Chris Rickenbach

Vice President of Finance, Assistant Treasurer

With Emmis Since 2000

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