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Why Emmis logo  Our culture carries at its heart the belief that, in order to succeed, a company must take risks, treat its people well, and give them the tools they need to win.

Emmis space Walk around our offices and you’ll see a collection of items that lead to stories; past and present as our brands grow. Signed album covers, photos of concert attendees covered in mud, employees chowing down on BBQ or posing next to their favorite artist; guitars decorate the halls, beer and snacks in the fridge, inspiring quotes on office doors, ping pong and foosball tables available for breaks or brainstorming, complete with charcoal grills in the parking lots. Each Emmis market has their own unique style but none take themselves too seriously and remember daily that we’re doing the work we love. Emmis family We believe in family. Emmis supports a healthy work-life balance. While we work very hard at what we do, we also want you to go home happy and take care of yourself and anyone who greets you at the door (sticky toddler, hyper dog, friends with cocktails, loving spouse or that crazy uncle) before coming back to your Emmis family in the morning. Emmis community We also believe in giving back to our local communities. Emmis employees are active in our respective neighborhoods, working to amplify the great qualities that already exist locally. We volunteer regularly and are proud to help those in need. view current job openings »   view available internships »

Best Places to Work

Best Places to Work in Indiana 2015
Emmis is recognized as a ‘Best Place to Work’ by the Indiana Chamber and one of thirteen in the Hall of Fame displaying sustained excellence.
Emmis recognized by Folio for Top Places to Work in Media 2014
Emmis recognized by Folio for Top Places to Work in Media 2014