Celebrating Our Emmis Moms

  • Mother’s Day at Emmis is a time to celebrate all the moms and women of influence in our lives. We recognized many of those women from our work lives and Emmis family with a Mother’s Day brunch at our New York radio location. Happy Mother’s Day Emmis Ladies!

  • Cinco de Mayo at Emmis has arrived! We celebrated with margaritas, our radio brands playing party music while hanging out with our favorite team members in the sunshine! Definitely didn’t feel like your average work day. Cheers!


  • Welcome to Emmis Eleven Careers Blog. Life at Emmis Communications began with an idea and a cocktail napkin. Our CEO, Jeff Smulyan, took a vision and created a culture centered around the ‘Eleven Commandments’ that he wrote one evening; brainstorming how this media company would operate and set itself apart. Now 30+ years later, The Emmis Eleven Commandments continue to hold true today.

    The clock runs to twelve and in media we run in the ‘11th hour’ to get things done. We pride ourselves on making a difference, leaving an impression and serving our communities. The business of media is timeless. We’re constantly evolving, adapting to our listeners and reaching audiences across the globe.

    The goal for Emmis Eleven is to give a snapshot of what it’s like to work at Emmis, share industry trends, career advice, Emmis news, explore our brands and basically experience life at Emmis.

  • How Does Dynamic Pricing Work?

    PostedbyChris Broshears Published on Digonex Blog How does dynamic pricing work? (Photo credit: Marek Uliasz) One of the most common questions we hear at Digonex is how does dynamic pricing work? Even for people familiar with the basic conceptthat is, regular analysis of data leading to frequent price updatesthe mechanics of how price recommendations are…

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  • The Power of a Compliment

    The Words We Say to One Another Matter Eric Allen B 105.7, Indianapolis – Eric’s blog Jan. 29, 2019 credit: Getty Images/marekuliasz There have been scientific studies that speak to the power of a compliment, but I dont think we need a study to let us know the value of a compliment. When you are…

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  • National Radio Day

    Sunday, August 20th is National Radio Day! Can you believe there is an entire day dedicated to celebrating radio? We can!And now that NextRadio has streaming options for both Apple and Android devices (or listen using your FM Chip), you can celebrate with us by listening to your favorite radio stations on any phone.  …

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  • How It Works: Fireworks Synched to Radio This 4th of July

    As a kid, I remember watching the 4th of July fireworks every year. It was tradition to listen to the local radio station’s selection of music synced to the fireworks show. If you forgot your boom box, you’d have to settle for the car radio. There is absolutely nothing that can compare to seeing the…

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  • Westwood One & NextRadio Offer Unprecedented On-Air Radio Audience Reporting and Data Attribution

    This historic ROI milestone for American radio combines mass reach and big data to deliver national advertisers actionable insights and ROI at scale INDIANAPOLIS (June 20, 2017) – Westwood One, America’s largest radio network, announces its agreement with TagStation, LLC owner of the NextRadio app, rolling out the first, and largest, interactive audience measurement tool…

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  • DJ Born with Blindness Continues to Showcase Talent

    DJ Bernie Eagan was featured recently on Channel 8 WISH TV in Indianapolis. Here are some videos of his amazing work, career and what we love about Bernie! INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Each and every week Dick Wolfsie shares an interesting and exciting story that has a special connection to central Indiana. This week, Wolfsie dropped…

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  • Hot 97 Summer Jam – Line-Up

    WQHT-FM HOT 97, #1 for Hip Hop, announced the electrifying Stadium Stage line-up for HOT 97 Summer Jam, the official start-of-summer party!  Head to MetLife Stadium on Sunday, June 11th to see performances by Chris Brown, Fat Joe & Remy Ma, Migos, DJ Khaled & Friends, Trey Songz, French Montana & Friends, Tory Lanez, Joey…

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  • A Bizarre Park Called The Idle Is Planned For Downtown

    The attraction? Interstate traffic. By: Megan Fernandez  Indianapolis tourism has always been hampered by the lack of an ocean, lake, shoreline, or mountains—something majestic for the advertisements, something obvious for visitors to gravitate to. Our something-majestic is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Concrete and pavement and fumes. Not quite the same, right? Not so fast, says Tom…

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  • NextRadio: Keeping You Informed During Weather Emergencies

    NextRadio Will Help Keep You Informed During Weather Emergencies National Prepareathon Day is focused on reminding people to be proactive when it comes to preparing for weather emergencies. One of NextRadio’s features we’re most proud of is our ability to provide ALERT FM messages to NextRadio users during man-made or natural disasters. NextRadio works to keep you informed even…

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