About Emmis Communications


One of the nation's most respected diversified communications companies, Emmis Communications (NASDAQ: EMMS) owns and operates radio and magazine entities in large and medium sized markets throughout the U.S. Emmis is the 9th largest radio group in the U.S (based on listeners) and has been voted the Most Respected Radio Company in a poll of industry CEOs.

Over the last two decades, Emmis has created one of the most unique work environments in the communications industry - the Emmis Culture. The envy of many of our peers, this culture carries at its heart the belief that, in order to succeed, a company must take risks, treat its people well and give them the tools they need to win. It has earned us a reputation as a fun, exciting and innovative company where every individual is a part of the team. The Emmis culture breeds creativity and innovation. Employees at every level are encouraged to think out of the box, experiment and contribute.

The Emmis Culture

Emmis Communications has earned a reputation as a fun, exciting, and innovative company where every individual is part of the team.

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An Emmis Communications innovation, Incite is a Social Impact Marketing firm. Incite is not an ad agency or PR firm. Our deep expertise breeds dynamic cause and social marketing campaigns that motivate positive behavior change.

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