TagStation Now Available to Listeners of all Emmis Music Stations

Indianapolis…Emmis Communications (Nasdaq: EMMS) today announced that all of its FM and HD radio domestic music stations, from Los Angeles to New York City, have implemented TagStationTM, which enables listeners on Apple devices to tag songs played over-the-air by FM and HD Radio tagging capable radio receivers.
“We’re thrilled with this product,” Paul Brenner, Emmis CTO said. “It offers our iPod, iTouch, iPhone and automobiles with iTunes listeners an accurate artist and title on the radio display along with the ease of iTunes tagging with the behind-the-scenes needs of programmers handled as well. It’s affordable, easy to use, does not interfere with other RDS and HD Radio data transmissions and interfaces with any on-air playout system for source data and industry compliant RDS or HD Radio for transmission systems.” “We look forward to building on the TagStation investment to support advanced features such as the Artist Experience.”
TagStation, developed by Emmis Interactive and Broadcast Electronics (BE), provides an easy interface for correcting and inserting consistent artist and title information for FM and HD Radio text displays.  Programming departments have an option to upload a playlist or leave the system to learn songs automatically as they play. TagStation is able to auto-match most of songs with the industry standard database and then email accuracy report to programmers, who have the option to manually adjust any song matching discrepancies through the self-service online portal.
“TagStation represents a significant break-through in the broadcast radio industry.  The ease of implementation and the rich functionality not only enables broadcasters to deliver today’s services, such as tagging and rich meta-data, but prepares stations to deliver the next generation of multi-media services such as station logo and Artist Experience,” said Joseph D’Angelo, iBiquity Senior VP, Broadcast Programs and Advanced Services.  “Enriching the broadcast radio experience with this type of associated content and services is critical to ensure a compelling listener experience in the current digital age.”
Radio broadcaster support of accurate song artist and title associated with tagging data is a prominent, must-have feature for FM and HD Radio in mobile handsets and dashboards. All broadcasters, not just Emmis, should be working to implement elegant solutions like TagStation.
Here is a shot of what the dash looks like with TagStation …
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