RADIO: Indianapolis – 97.1 Hank FM WLHK

Country 97.1 HankFM

Market Indianapolis, IN

Market Rank 39

Market Revenue $75 Million

Market Manager Bob Richards


Country 97.1 Hank-FM is the station for people who LOVE country music. It is the station that plays ALL the great country music, especially the best of the past 10 years. It is also the place with a direct link to listener’s favorite stars. Our personalities love country music as much as the listener, but they have the connections to all the behind-the-scenes news, gossip and information. We’re the ones with the hot concert tickets, the direct connection to the stars and we ALWAYS put the music first! We’ll give you the other things you need (news headlines, weather and traffic) so that you don’t have to punch around the dial, but the country music and the people who make it is where our true expertise lies. You feel good when you listen. The energy, the pace, the passion for the music all leaves you with a smile. We are authentic, hard-working, god-fearing, fun-loving country music fans and it shows every time you tune into Country 97.1 HANK-FM.