NextRadio Has the FM Chip Solution for Radio Listening During Weather Emergencies

Media Contact:
Maura Kautsky

Indianapolis, IN.September 28, 2017. NextRadio thoroughly supports Chairman Pais call for more manufacturers, including Apple, to activate the FM chip. The utility and urgency of having access to FM broadcasts has never been more apparent given recent weather emergencies. FM radio is more than entertainment, and failing to provide access to this lifeline is a grave disservice to consumers.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has long supported activating FM chips in smartphones as a matter of public safety. We at NextRadio agree with him and want this to be a reality in all phones. People need access to the life-saving information FM radio broadcasters provide during emergencies. We built the NextRadio app with this in mind, and make it available for free.

Wed like to see Apple enable the FM chip in their next phone release. Help us get the word to Apple to make this a reality, visit

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