Paul Brenner

President, NextRadio/TagStation

As President of NextRadio/TagStation Mr. Brenner's work focuses on developing and delivering a world class solution that supports the FM Chip activation in smartphones. And provides a broadcast industry agnostic platform that can compete more appropriately in the current and future technology businesses. His leadership role is related to getting FM Analog and HD Radio standardized in Smartphones via NextRadio and to deliver TagStation as the hybrid connectivity platform creating a new radio listening, promotional and advertising engagement platform.


Paul led the creation and development of the Broadcaster Traffic Consortium, LLC (BTC) for broadcast radio data distribution of traffic weather, fuel price and other location-based information to automobiles. He also serves as president of the BTC which operates through a Consortium of more than 24 radio companies throughout the United States and Canada to distribute data via FM and HD Radio® technology. BTC serves millions of consumer devices and automobiles with their content partner HERE (a Nokia company) with more information available at Customers include Garmin, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Honda and others.

Paul was the recipient of the 2012 NAB Radio Engineering Achievement award for his work in developing the BTC, and named one of the Radio Ink 2010 Best Engineers in Radio. In 2010, Paul served on the FCC CSRIC council enlisted to write the revised C.F.R. 47 Part 11 for new EAS CAP standards. He is currently an active member of both the NAB Radio Technology Committee and the NRSC, and serves as Vice-Chair for the North American Broadcasters Association.

Paul takes a long view of broadcasting, looking for innovation that many have not yet considered, then makes opportunity into real world technology based businesses that benefit the entire industry.

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