Indianapolis – EMMIS Communications Corporation (Nasdaq: EMMS) today announced the creation of the EMMIS Sales Assault Plan (ESAP), a company-wide initiative geared toward attracting and developing the best and brightest sales leaders in the radio, television and magazine industries.

“EMMIS is determined to identify and hire the top people in the sales industry,” EMMIS Communications Chairman and CEO Jeff Smulyan said. “EMMIS has established itself as a company where creative, ambitious people can succeed. By adding aggressive newcomers and seasoned sales veterans into this culture, we know we can generate new sources of local revenue, and get more out of our existing relationships.”

Additional company resources are being allocated to locate, hire, train and retain top people. Under ESAP, sales managers are receiving training in interviewing and candidate-screening techniques; employees are receiving cash bonuses for referring people who are hired; and training and incentive programs are being increased. EMMIS is promoting the program through a national advertising campaign in EMMIS media outlets and other vehicles in order to attract sales leaders in radio, television and publishing, as well as other industries.

EMMIS expects the program to have an immediate and lasting impact. “We hope to add 100 proven sales leaders to our team in the next few months,” Smulyan continued. “As other companies in the industry wait to see what the economy is going to do, we are pushing forward, building a sales force that will not just get us through the downturn, but one that will help us grow and gear up for the competitive marketplace of the 21st century.”

Interested sales leaders should call 1.866.EMMIS-01 (1.866.366.4701) or visit the EMMIS Web site at www.emmis.com.