EMMIS Communications today announced that the company will donate $90,000 to the Indianapolis Zoo to fund a multi-year conservation research project aimed at saving one of the planet’s most endangered species – the ring-tailed lemur.

“EMMIS is proud to support one of our community’s most coveted attractions, the Indianapolis Zoo,” EMMIS Chairman & CEO Jeff Smulyan said. “Equally, we are thrilled to be a partner with them on Project Lemur, an exciting and significant research endeavor. As always, EMMIS continues to seek innovative and effective ways to invest in our community.”

A portion of the donation will be used to research potential problems that could occur from the re-introduction of the animals into the wild from zoos around the world.

“Although the Madagascar ring-tailed lemurs fare well in zoos, they are vanishing at an alarming rate in the wild,” Indianapolis Zoo President Dr. Jeffrey Bonner said. “By exploring potential problems with reintroduction, we can help zoos around the world improve their level of care for the animals in human care as well as pave the way for any future reintroduction of the species into their native range.”

Located in White River State Park downtown, the Indianapolis Zoo is accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association and the American Association of Museums as a zoo, aquarium and botanical garden. The Indianapolis Zoo is dedicated to providing lifelong recreational learning experiences for its visitors and instilling in them a sense of stewardship for the Earth’s plants and animals. The Indianapolis Zoo connects animals, plants and people through education, exhibition, conservation and research.