Revenue Development Systems today announced that is has made three significant changes to better serve its client base.

1) On January 2, 2001, RDS will be shipping a new service called NTR Sales Assistant which provides extensive research to clients on NTR accounts and categories.

2) CO-OPPORTUNITIES New Business Resources is getting a new name and features. On January 2, 2001, it will be renamed NTR Information Center and will provide services that cover all aspects of non-traditional revenue development.

3) RDS is no longer accepting Market Exclusive Consultation clients outside of its parent company’s entities, Emmis Communications. RDS will continue to service the existing clients who have current agreements, allowing those who wish to end their agreement earlier to do so effective December 31, 2000.

“We are very excited about the enhancements that we can offer to our current CO-OPPORTUNITIES clients, and feel that our new product is exactly what NTR Departments need to operate effectively,” said Kathryn B. Maguire, President of Revenue Development Systems. “We are sad to say goodbye to our market exclusive clients, but feel that this is the necessary step to make a greater impact in our own company.”

Revenue Development Systems is headquartered in Suisun, CA. It is a division of Indianapolis-based Emmis Communications which owns 24 U.S. radio stations and 15 U.S. television stations, two radio networks, three international radio stations, and award-winning regional and specialty magazines.