• Last-Minute Election Dollars Drive Opportunity For Radio Sales

    Media Contact: Maura Kautsky 317-684-8336 Indianapolis, IN – October 17, 2016 – A newly released white paper from NextRadio® explains how political parties and candidates can use radio to reach voters effectively in the weeks before the election. The paper’s publication coincides with various news outlets suggesting there will be a last-minute influx of…

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  • Emmis Announces Second-Quarter Earnings Call

    On Thursday, October 6, 2016, Emmis Communications (Nasdaq: EMMS) will host a conference call to discuss second-quarter results. Emmis Chairman/Chief Executive Officer Jeff Smulyan and EVP/CFO/Treasurer Ryan Hornaday will host the call. After opening comments, Smulyan and Hornaday will respond to questions submitted via email to To access the earnings call, please dial in…

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  • NextRadio Continues International Expansion in to Latin America

    Indianapolis, IN. – September 8, 2016. NextRadio continues international expansion adding Peru and Mexico as the latest countries to offer NextRadio, joining the United States and Canada. This expansion is a natural next step due to the heavy usage of FM radio in Latin America and the rapid growth in smartphone sales. Partnering with the…

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  • NextRadio® and Edison Research Uncover Many Reasons That People Love Radio

    Media Contact: Maura Kautsky 317-684-8336 Indianapolis, IN. – July 28, 2016 –NextRadio®, the smartphone app that provides free, portable FM radio listening, introduced a blog series aimed at advertisers and broadcasters. “Loving Radio” uses data and insights garnered from the app, original research and the industry. These findings will be highlighted through social media,…

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  • NextRadio Survey Reinforces How Radio Can Help Reach Voters

    Media Contact: Maura Kautsky 317-684-8336 Indianapolis, IN – July 26, 2016 – A recent NextRadio® in-app survey uncovered more than 1 in 3 surveyed do not plan to vote in November. In June and July, NextRadio listeners were asked whether they planned to vote in the upcoming election. One in four said they are…

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  • Disney Uses NextRadio For Demi Lovato Contest Promotion – Broadcast Radio Fuels Mobile Response

    Media Contact: Maura Kautsky 317-684-8336 Indianapolis, IN. – July 14, 2016 –NextRadio, the smartphone app that provides free, portable FM radio listening, ran an 8-week promotion for a recent Disney contest entitled “Fly Away with Demi Lovato.” The NextRadio app served a digital ad to encourage listeners to register for the “Demi Lovato Flyaway” contest each time one…

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  • NextRadio Expands Into Canada

    Media Contact: Maura Kautsky, 317-684-8336, Indianapolis, IN – July 6, 2016. On July 1, 2016 the NextRadio® app went live in the Google Play store in Canada allowing over a million consumers with FM radio compatible smartphones to download the app. The expansion is the next step in growing handset support for FM radio…

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  • BLU Phones Start Activation of the NextRadio App

    Ongoing phone updates and new phone sales will provide Millions of users with access to the NextRadio App in 2016 Media Contact: Maura Kautsky, 317-684-8336, Indianapolis, IN. – June 15, 2016 – BLU Products, which recently collaborated with NextRadio, has begun activating the NextRadio app. BLU sent out software updates on two legacy smartphones to retroactively…

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    Media Contact: Maura Kautsky, 317-684-8336, Indianapolis, IN. – June 9, 2016 –According to data from NextRadio®, the smartphone app that provides free, portable FM radio listening, stations that display schedule content in between songs – such as programming schedules, program imagery, and the ability to interact with a show and/or personality – realize more listening time, more tune-ins, and increased…

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  • FM Radio Broadcasters Get 3X the Tune Ins with Enhanced NextRadio Content

    Media Contact: Maura Kautsky, 317-684-8336, Indianapolis, IN. – May 24, 2016 – According to data from NextRadio®, the smartphone app that provides free mobile FM radio listening, consumers prefer a more visually appealing and interactive in-app experience. A year-over-year data analysis shows that listeners tune-in more often and spend significantly more time with radio stations that supplement live FM audio…

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