National Radio Day

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Sunday, August 20th is National Radio Day! Can you believe there is an entire day dedicated to celebrating radio? We can!And now that NextRadio has streaming options for both Apple and Android devices (or listen using your FM Chip), you can celebrate with us by listening to your favorite radio stations on any phone.


Did you know?

Radio was invented in the late 19th century, and broadcasting stations began airing programs in the 1920’s. Nearly 100 years later, we’re still listening to the radio everyday!

Join in the celebration of National Radio Day by tuning into your favorite show or jamming with your favorite DJ, maybe even discover a new station!

Radio has been the go-to source for uncovering new music, keeping up-to-date on local news and listening to sports pre and post game shows. Radio continues to evolve and now can be taken out of the home and car and listened to on your smartphone. Now that is something to celebrate!


Happy National Radio Day, everyone!

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